Bellefield at Historic Hyde Park is an ideal addition to the Hyde Park community. Bellefield cultivates this prestigious address’ identity as a culinary destination, while meeting the area’s need for high quality lodging. The hotel, spa and conference center will provide visitors with a pristine setting for professional conferences, weddings, community events and social gatherings. A new Culinary Continuing Education Facility will form a symbiotic relationship with the adjacent Culinary Institute of America (CIA). Preserving local agricultural traditions with its unique farm-to-table program, produce for Bellefield’s restaurants will come from local farmers and its own sustainable organic gardens.

Bellefield is a community where one can live a modern life harmoniously with nature. Here, you can hike on a nature trail on site, or nearby, with your children in the morning. Pick some lettuce from your own garden plot for lunch. Shop on the lively Main Street in the afternoon. Catch up with friends and neighbors over a craft cocktail at lively Market Hall at dusk and finally wrap up a perfect day, relishing a meal created with fresh, seasonal ingredients at one of Bellefield’s many restaurants or cafes, all staffed with visionary young chefs from the Culinary Institute of America.

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