Bellefield’s unique Farm-to-Table program will go far beyond our own farm and agricultural center on site. Promoting local agriculture through education, community outreach, networking and hands-on on-site participation are bigger goals.

  • Food grown in Bellefield’s sustainable organic gardens will not only be served in all of our restaurants and cafes, but will be available to residents for their own home-cooked meals.
  • The Farm-to-Table philosophy gives local farmers a chance to market themselves while supporting and encouraging family farming, farmers markets and helping to preserve regional agricultural traditions.
  • Empowered farmers have more of a voice in influencing public policy and politics.
  • Bellefield will help to expand the understanding of the links between farming, food, health and local economics.
  • Residents will have the option to have a plot of land in order to establish their own yard-to-table gardens.

The Breadbasket

Often referred to as America’s Breadbasket because of its historic production of food for the New York metro market, the Hudson River Valley takes great pride in its food and wine traditions.

Bellefield will be an integral part of the Hudson Valley’s community of agricultural, food, wine, brewing and spirits distilling life. The Hudson River Valley is well known historically for its great contribution in this regard.

  • The nation’s first winery, Brotherhood Winery, was established here in 1839.
  • At one time, production of hops for local and regional brewers and the distilling of local produce for spirits was among the highest in the country.

More recently, there has been a tremendous resurgence in the making and enjoyment of all of these “fruits” of locally grown and produced fare. The number of farms and farmers’ markets has increased.

  • Local wineries have been established and are reaching out to the community with frequent tastings and various wine trails and tours.
  • The many regional craft breweries are expanding and developing a strong reputation. The local growing of hops has even led to a new genre of “farm breweries”.

Visitors and residents of Bellefield will have a cornucopia of fine fare to enhance the fine living, with a deep connection to the land, region, history and culture.