Bellefield is a site blessed with wonderfully diverse landscapes and features; from woodlands to meadows, fields to mountains and streams and wetlands. Throughout the property, a network of trails and open spaces exist to afford residents and visitors to truly commune with nature and drink in panoramic views of the surrounding mountainscape.

Here, we’ve created a variety of recreational programs and experiences to be had on site.

• These trails are just the beginning of outdoor experiences that extend throughout the entire valley to include hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing and cross-country skiing.

• Directly adjacent to the property, the Hudson Valley Rail Trail is being expanded from 12 to 30 miles, creating a safe, secluded, and seemingly endless route for cyclists, joggers and walkers to further enjoy the scenic landscape.

• A hike or bike ride of less than 3 miles will get you to the Walkway Over The Hudson – the world’s highest pedestrian bridge.